Safety first

7 – 11 years

Do not worry!

The “Council for greater security in everyday life” has sent two top-trained and well-equipped security consultants. They come with advice and guidance on how children can survive an ordinary risky life. They bring the equipment and statistics necessary  and have thoughtful cases and precise instructions ready.

But do the two security consultants really have full control of the sometimes complicated details of the equipment, and the unexpected and quite unpredictable feelings and incidents that arise in the collaboration?

Because can you insure against life at all?

A clownish performance which takes our collective concern under loving care.

Cast: Maria Myrgård, Folmer Kristensen
Direction: Anna Panduro
Set design: Ivan Kloster Perard
The performance is supported by the Danish Arts Council

Age:  7-11 years
Duration: 45 min.
Playing area: W: 8m D: 8m H: 3.5m
Number of spectators: 80-100
Blackout: Yes
Electricity: 380 V.

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