What nobody knows

10-14 years

What is it that we hide from each other that cannot stand the light of day?
Should secrets always be respected – or should they, on the contrary, sometimes come to light?

With “What nobody knows” Teater Patrasket sets a strong focus on the hidden truths in the lives of children and young people. Through looking back at the shared school days of 4 friends, where the hidden secrets flourished beneath the surface, the secrecy is played out in all its facets.

A moving presentation for reflection and discussion of the importance of secrets in our lives.

The idea for the performance is developed from the work at ASSITEJ’s TABOO workshops, where we were together with theater people from many other countries, to investigate how to stage taboo subjects from children’s lives. Through this work, we also met the Icelandic director Vigdis Jakobsdottir, who has staged WHAT NOBODY KNOWS.

“The performance connects with its audience with a very special intimacy. A familiarity-evoking closeness.

Kirsten Dahl, Teateravisen/ The Tehatre Newspaper

Cast: Maria Myrgård, Giulia Pataro, Thomas Danielsen, Dirck Backer
Direction: Vigdis Jakobsdottir
Scenography/idea development: Rebekka Bentzen
Lighting design: Kristine Hamann
Builder: Per Christensen
Administration: Trine Warrer
Graphics: Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz/ Milla Stærmose Kær
Photo:Søren Meisner
The performance is supported by The Danish Arts CouncilAge: 10-14 years
Duration: 50 min.
Playing area: w:8m d:7m h:3.2m
Number of spectators:100
Blackout: Total

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