The Bear that wasn’t

When the wild geese fly south and the leaves fall from the trees, the bear knows that now is the time to find a cave and go into the den. And that’s exactly what he does, year after year. But then one winter people come to the forest and build, with cranes and machines, right on top of the cave where the Bear lies and sleeps. 

And in the spring when the bear wakes up, he discovers that he is in a factory where no one believes that he is a bear…

Teater Patrasket’s newest production is an absurd, touching and witty performance for 5 to 10-year-olds and their adults – based on an English children’s book classic by Frank Taschlin.

“The performance oozes quality…A wonderful, crazy, whimsical performance for both the children´s target group and adults.” Teateravisen

“…The many quirky contrivances, the absurd story and the whimsical sound effects keep the audiences´s interest captivated from start to finish.” Iscene

Direction:  Alex Byrne

Cast:  Anne Karina Nicolaisen, Maria Myrgård, Dirck Backer, Bastian Popp

Set design:  Filippa Berglund

Composer:  Bastian Popp

Technology and lighting: Peter Rasmussen

Builder: Gert Christoffersen

Costumes:  Michael Nøhr

The performance is supported by the Danish Arts Council

Stage dimensions:  H: 3.5m x W: 7m x D: 7m

Age group:  6-10 years, family show from 5 years

Number of spectators:  100

Duration:  40 min.

Electricity:  380 V, 3 x 16 A

Blackout:  Total

See trailer here

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