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Traces in the water

His job is to examine the water at the new waterworks. One day he comes across a strange result. His superiors gag him. Should he defy them and risk losing his job? Should he follow – the tracks in the water… A playful and dripping crime farce – inspired by countless TV series and meters […]

The Scarlet Pimpernel

A bestseller, a classic, adapted with dramatic flair and exposed to comic ingenuity: The scene is the French Revolution, where an unknown benefactor works to save the nobles’ heads from the guillotine. Told by the author herself, Baroness Orczy, on stage to personally ensure the survival of the noble virtues… Production year 1989 Cast:  Niels […]


An absurd comedy with few words and pronounced body language. About three people’s desolate wait in a transit hall. About contact difficulties, hidden dreams and love in no man’s land. “It is pure theatre, theater for everyone, theater at its most glorious: Cheeky, funny, surprising, differently thought, differently performed…”     Aalborg Stiftstidende Production year 1992 Cast: […]

The Filifjonk who believed in catastrophes

The Filifjonk lives alone in a gloomy house by the great sea. The sun is shining and everything is apparently idyllic. But Filifjonken knows that disaster is lurking… The only person she can talk to is the strict Mrs. Gafs, who knows nothing about anything other than tea parties and glazed cakes – least of […]

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

A familiar adventure in a new guise: Thrills, laughter and grim seriousness for the 5-10 year olds. Two storytellers play with the story, each other and the audience – accompanied by banjo, accordion and singing saw. A performance with bite in… “The precise interaction between the actors, the musician and the light radiates the joy […]

A strange man

Everything was as it should be and always had been. But then one day something happened. A strange man moved to town. He wasn’t light green like the others, but pink. A reverse story, based on Mats Letén’s children’s book. Told in rap rhythm with long noses, to the tones of a gigantic tuba. “Theatre […]

The bear who asked why

The old teddy bear goes out into the world to ask himself: Does anyone know – why it exists? A performance based on a fable-like story by Michael Ende. Told and played by a man and his harmonica – with animal empathy, philosophical undertones and blue overtones. “An enchanting parable, a pearl.. He moves through […]

Snow white B/W

Two  troubadours in powder up to their necks,three  attempts to kill the good,seven  little dwarves in tennis shoesand  an  apple’s path through a performance… “..the whole real theatrical product … we are constantly held in breath…” Folkeskolen/The public school Magazine Production year 2004 Cast:  Maria Myrgård, Thomas DanielsenDirector:  Karoliina HeiskanenSet designer:  Julie ForchhammerCostumes:  Hanne MørupLighting […]

The creature

Ms. Stein is secretly working on her creation to overcome the follies of man in the modern world – but will she succeed? An ecological horror farce that plays with the Frankenstein myth – and sends big questions and electric shocks through small human brains… Production year 2005 Cast:  Maria Myrgård, Dirck Backer, Øyvind KirchhoffDirection: […]


5 clowns on a mirror-gloss floor,in a strange universe of light and sound and pulsating smoke,balancing between plastic chairs, irresistible packaging and endless digital interruptions… A performance that connects the clown’s universe with life in the 21st century, and speaks to the human in all of us – big and small. Production year 2007 Cast: […]