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5 years and up A poetic puppet theater drama for ages 5 and up. Arthur and Marta are two very old puppeteers who have been together all their lives. With a magical pavilion as a focal point, they play the story of the poor orphan boy Max, who longs to fly. All alone in the […]


8 – 12 years How do you become human?  What is the difference between right and wrong? – And what is the meaning of love? Theater Patrasket has taken up Carlo Collodi’s fantastic classic, and delivers it in a new version for 8-12 year olds:   About the puppet who must learn to become human and […]

The Tooth Fairy

5 to 10 years Once again, we have chosen to make theater on one of Kim Fupz Aakeson’s terrific stories, this time for the 5-10 year olds: What do you do when you have a little sister who screams so much that your parents start arguing?Anton gives his little sister away – to the Tooth […]

Down to earth

The two old puppeteers Martha and Arthur have been servants in their youth and now tell the story of Constance: A rich and distinguished girl who is used to getting everything she asks for – until the day she falls asleep in a box and being transported far away to a strange and unknown land. […]

The Bear that wasn’t

When the wild geese fly south and the leaves fall from the trees, the bear knows that now is the time to find a cave and go into the den. And that’s exactly what he does, year after year. But then one winter people come to the forest and build, with cranes and machines, right […]

Greatest of All

What happens if you never dare to say what you think? And how do you find a new father when your real father has moved? Can you meet your grandfather even though he is dead? What happens if your ears just start growing? And what is it that is GREATEST OF ALL? In our new […]