Søren Meisner


Once again - we have chosen a new and terrific story from the danish author Kim Fupz, for the 5 to 10 years olds:

What do you do when you have got a screaming little sister who takes all the attention in the family? And makes one's parents so tired that they quarrel all the time?

As the boy Anton has had a rocking tooth, he is visited by the Tooth Fairy at night.
So he gets the Tooth Fairy to take even his screaming little sister with her.
But soon Anton regrets, and he must walk out alone to find the Tooth Fairy's Castle and get his sister back...

A dream journey through the City at night, where all the characters of the fairytales are awake.

And three men on stage in ensemble,  playing in a sensitive, comic and sometimes breathtaking style of storytelling - with the use of puppets, masks, lavish costumes and intense music.


Based on the children's book ”Hvidt & Blidt & Kridt” by Kim Fupz Aakeson

Direction: Maria Myrgård

Cast: Kristian Dinesen, Bastian Popp, Dirck Backer

Set design: Julie Forchhammer

Music: Bastian Popp

Puppets: Katrine Karlsen

Masks: Dirck Backer

Costumes: Camilla Lind

Light/builder/technician: Peter Rasmussen

Administration: Trine Warrer

Photos/video: Søren Meisner

Thanks to:

Susanne Bonde, Sven Pors

Supported by the Danish Arts Council

Age group: 5 to 10 years

Stage area (excl. Audience): B: 7m, D: 7 m, H: 3,2 m

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience: 100

Darkness: Full

Smoke: yes

Power: 380 V, 3 x 16 A


Watch trailer here