Foto: Dirck Backer

The Blackbird

Our newest production is a lively dramatization for the 4 to 8 years olds of Wolf Ehrlbruchs children's book "Mrs. Meier the bird":

About Mrs. Meier who continuously worries about everything, until the day she finds a young blackbird, that she has to take care of.

A show about daring to let go on your concerns and - maybe - get wings..!

Told with clown logic in a universe of music, puppets and video projections.

The show is funded by the Danish Arts Council and Funch Fonden and created as a co-production with Carte Blanche - regional theatre in Viborg. 


Direction: Folmer Gry Kristensen

Set design consultant: Claus Helbo

Story: Wolf Ehrlbruch

On stage: Maria Myrgård, Sune Skuldbøl Vraa, Peter Rasmussen (behind)

Composer/musician Sune Skuldbøl Vraa

Light design, builder: Peter Rasmussen

Puppets: Katrine Karlsen