Foto: Dirck Backer


- from a story by Kim Fupz Aakeson

Torsten's mother will be having a baby. Torsten's worst friend, Willy, knows why: 
It is because Torsten's mother and father don't think he is cute any longer, because they don't love 
him so much any more. 
For a whole long week, Torsten tries to figure out what he can do:
Maybe his mom and dad will love him if he gets more cute?
Or if he cleans his room?
Or maybe he simply has to try to understand what love is all about ...

"Sunday" is a dramatization of the danish author Kim Fupz Aakesons subtle and philosophical everyday 
story - made alive for the 4-8 year olds using small and big dolls, light projections and story-telling.  
"...a warm and heartbreaking performance about the experience of the firstborn child, when it moves
into the new life as a big brother or sister. With precise storytelling, concise staging and
detailed puppet work,'Sunday' is not only a relevant performance for children in Torsten's situation,but also a touching performance for the sensitive adults." Teateravisen/Danish Theater Newspaper

Tea Rønne and Dirck Backer

Maria Myrgård

Scenography: Rebekka Bentzen

Puppets: Katrine Karlsen

Light-design and set-building: Peter Rasmussen

Supported by the Danish Arts Council.  

Age group: 4-8 years

Duration: 40 min

Number of spectators: 80

Play area: b: 7m d: 8m h: 3.2m

Power: 380 V

Black-out: total