Foto: Søren Meisner


Thomas is playing tennis round the clock. He is talented and wants to be the best, just like Bjorn Borg. One day Frederik comes along and Thomas teaches him to play, just for fun.
But then Frederik begins to show talent, he proves to be a little better than Thomas had intended…

What happens when competition and jealousy interferes with friendship? - and is it really true that you have to learn to lose before you can win?

The performance is for young people aged 10-14 and is created on the basis of the performers' own experiences as young boys with the noble white sport, at the time when Bjorn Borg and McEnroe was at the peak of their careers.


“..a real fine performance, cleverly done tennis wise and the acting is top notch. A blessing to see to actors, who are not afraid of the pause, of letting thoughts develop and let the situation determine gesture, facial expressions and lines..."

Janken Warden, Theatre Newspaper/ Teateravisen


Cast: Kristian Dinesen & Dirck Backer
Technician: Peter Rasmussen
Director: Nils P. Munk
Author: Sven Ørnø
Props and costumes: Stine Skovgaard Worsøe
Builder: Theis Witzel
Lay-out: Milla Stærmose Kær
Photo: Søren Meisner
Administration: Trine Warrer
Supported by The Danish Arts Counsil

Age group: 10 to14 years
Duration: 50 min.
Playing Area: W: 8m D: 12m H: 3,5m (measures incl. audience, the show play on the floor with audience on all four sides)
Number of spectators: 80-100
Black-out: Yes