Foto: Sören Meisner


What is it to be a human being?

What is the difference between right and wrong?

What is the meaning of love?


A new version of Carlo Collodis classic story – for 8 to 12 year olds:

About a puppet who has to learn to become human and his dangerous journey in a world full of odd characters, wondrous events, temptations and deceptions.

A wild, visual and musical show, directed by Alex Byrne, with magical puppetry, ensemble play and grim humor.


“.. Alex Byrne's energetic staging almost makes you dizzy...a shuddering, poetic journey with only a father’s unconditional love as compass …beautiful - and indeed that which we would all hope to meet in the magic workshop where love is formed.” 

Me Lund, Teateravisen 


Director: Alex Byrne

Cast: Maria Myrgård, Anne Karina Nikolaisen, Dirck Backer, Bastian Popp

Set-design: Nathalie Mellbye 

Composer and musician: Bastian Popp

Light-design, sounds and set-building: Peter Rasmussen

Puppet design: Katrine Karlsen

Puppet and mask-workshop: Katrine Karlsen, Genevieve Tremblay, Dirck Backer

Fish-puppets: Dirck Backer

Costumier: Christina Tidemand Greth

Backdrop sewing: Pernille Gottschalk-Hansen

Thanks to ZeBU and Teaterbutikken for donation of costume-parts

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.  

Age group: 8 to 12 years, as family show from 6 years

Duration: 60 min

Number of spectators: 100

Play area: b: 8m d: 7m h: 3.5m

Power: 380 V

Black-out: total  


 Videotrailer, watch here