Foto: Dirck Backer


Maria and Giulia are friends, real friends. Together they recall and retell memories from many of the friendships they have had since childhood. It is a funny and sometimes also sad experience.

”Friendship” is a collage of what it means to be friends. With precise scenes and retold memories from their lives, the two actors seek to find the answer together.
But what about their own friendship?
Will it survive the ordeals of the show?



Cast: Maria Myrgård, Giulia Pataro
Consultant for staging: Nina Kareis
Composer: Pete Livingstone
Consultants: Dirck Backer, Paul Oertel, Nancy Spanier, Annika Nilsson
Lay-out: Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz/ Milla Stærmose
Administration: Trine Warrer

Funded by the Danish Arts Council and Bikubenfonden


Age group: 7-12 years
Duration: 45 min.
Playing area: W: 8m D: 7m H: 3.2
Number of spectators: 100
Black-out: Yes